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Unicode Symbols

The Unicode Standard provides a unique number for every character or symbol, including emojis and whatever sign. The Unicode Consortium provides a standard that is generally accepted by the IT industry. More than 137.000 characters and symbols have been defined by the Unicode Consortium so far. The number is growing.

Find a great variety of Unicode symbols in the sections "Symbols by categories", "Some non-Latin characters" and under Latin characters.

Some of the symbols may not appear because of a missing font on your system.

How to enter Unicode in different Operation Systems (OS)

WindowsAlt + decimal codeWindows
LinuxCtrl+ (Shift) and U and then the hexadecimal code. Then press (Enter).Linux
Mac OSOption key (alternatively Alt) + hexadecimal codeMac


WindowsAlt + 8800
LinuxCtrl+ (Shift) and U and then 2260. Then press (Enter).
Mac OSOption key (alternatively Alt) + 2260

A lot of symbols are supported by public domain fonts like Symbola or DejaVu. With one of the big Linux distributions you should be able to install these fonts easily via the package manager, searching for instance for "Symbola" or "DejaVu". If you are using Windows you can also use the Microsoft font Segoe UI Symbol.

There are of course many alternatives to the fonts that we are mentioning here.

How to create html code for Unicode symbols

To create the HTML code for Unicode symbols, enter: &# + decimal code + ;

That means in order to create the symbol (not equal to) enter: ≠