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How to enter Unicode on a Mac

Please note that the way how to active the Unicode input may vary as new versions of the MacOS arrive.

In order to activate the hexadecimal Unicode input go to "System Preferences" and then "Keyboard Input Sources".

Scroll to the bottom. Select "Others". Select "Unicode Hex Input".

Click "Add".

Activate "Show Input menu in menu bar".

Now you should see a flag for your OS language on the top right of the screen. Select "Unicode Hex Input".

Now input the hex code of the desired character holding down the Option key: (Alt key on a PC keyboard).

Some Mac specific symbols:

    dec. hex.
upwards white arrow / shift key symbol867921E7
upwards white arrow from bar / capslock symbol868221EA
place of interest / command key symbol89842318
option key symbol89972325
erase to the left / backspace symbol9003232B
broken circle with Northwest arrow / ESC key symbol9099238B
return symbol916623CE

Some examples:

Meaninghexadecimal code
not equal to2260
ballot box2610
ballot box with check2611
ballot box with x2612
hot beverage, coffee cup2615
trigram for heaven / menu symbol2630
black universal recycling symbol267B
check mark2713
🍚cooked rice1F35A
🍟French fries1F35F
📳vibration mode1F4F3
📵no mobile phones1F4F5
🔇speaker with cancellation stroke1F507
🚭no smoking symbol1F6AD
🚮put litter in this place1F6AE
🚯do not litter symbol1F6AF
🚰potable water symbol1F6B0
🚱non-potable water symbol1F6B1
🚹men symbol1F6B9
🚺women symbol1F6BA
🚼baby (diaper changing facilities)1F6BC
🚾water closet1F6BE
🛌sleeping accomodation1F6CC
🤫face with finger covering closed lips (be quiet)1F92B
🤬serious face with symbols covering mouth1F92C