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Entering Unicode on a Linux system

Press Ctrl, (Shift) and U at the same time. Release.

Now enter the hexadecimal code of the desired Unicode symbol. Then press (Enter).

For instance in order to enter ≠ (not equal to), press CtrlU2260 (Enter).

Some examples:

not equal to2260
ballot box2610
ballot box with check2611
ballot box with x2612
hot beverage, coffee cup2615
trigram for heaven / menu symbol2630
black universal recycling symbol267B
check mark2713
🍚cooked rice1F35A
🍟French fries1F35F
📳vibration mode1F4F3
📵no mobile phones1F4F5
🔇speaker with cancellation stroke1F507
🚭no smoking symbol1F6AD
🚮put litter in this place1F6AE
🚯do not litter symbol1F6AF
🚰potable water symbol1F6B0
🚱non-potable water symbol1F6B1
🚹men symbol1F6B9
🚺women symbol1F6BA
🚼baby (diaper changing facilities)1F6BC
🚾water closet1F6BE
🛌sleeping accomodation1F6CC
🤫face with finger covering closed lips (be quiet)1F92B
🤬serious face with symbols covering mouth1F92C