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Unicode Latin letters and Alt codes

When entering two or three digit hexadecimal numbers do not forget to fill it up with leading zeros until you have four digits. For Windows please enter Alt + code. The list of languages where the different symbols are used is obviously not exhaustive.

¡inverted exclamation markes0161 or 17300A1
ªfeminine ordinal indicatores, it, pt0170 or 16600AA
ºmasculine ordinal indicatores, it, pt0186 or 16700BA
¿inverted question markes0191 or 16800BF
ƒsmall letter F with hook (e.g. math: function)0402 or 1590192
right double quoation markro8221201D
double low-9 quotation markro8222201E
Àcapital letter A with gravefr019200C0
Ácapital letter A with acutecz, es, fr019300C1
Âcapital letter A with circumflexfr, ro019400C2
Ãcapital letter A with tildept019500C3
Äcapital letter A with diaeresis (umlaut)de, et, is, se0196 or 14200C4
Åcapital letter A with ring abovedk, se, no0197 or 14300C5
Æcapital letter AEdk, is, no019800C6
àsmall letter a with gravefr0224 or 13300E0
ásmall letter a with acutees,fr0225 or 16000E1
âsmall letter A with circumflexfr, ro0226 or 13100E2
ãsmall letter A with tildept0227 or 19800E3
äsmall letter A with diaeresis (umlaut)de, et, is, se0228 or 13200E4
åsmall letter A with ring abovedk, se, no0229 or 13400E5
æsmall letter AE (ligature ae)dk, is, no023000E6
Ācapital letter A with macronlv02560100
āsmall letter A with macronlv02570101
Ăcapital letter A with brevero02580102
ăsmall letter A with brevero02590103
Ącapital letter A with ogoneklt, pl02600104
ąsmall letter A with ogoneklt, pl02610105
Ǎcapital letter A with caron046101CD
ǎsmall letter A with caron046201CE
Çcapital letter C with cedillafr, pt0199 or 12800C7
çsmall letter c with cedillafr, pt0231 or 13500E7
Ćcapital letter C with acuteba, cz, hr, pl02620106
ćsmall letter C with acuteba, cz, hr, pl02630107
Ċcapital letter C with a dot abovemt0266010A
ċsmall letter C with a dot abovemt0267010B
Čcapital letter C with caronba, cz, et, hr, lt, lv, sk0268010C
čsmall letter C with caronba, et, cz, hr, lt, lv, sk0269010D
Ðcapital letter Ethis020800D0
ðsmall letter ethis024000F0
Ďcapital letter D with caroncz, sk0270010E
ďsmall letter D with caroncz, sk0271010F
Đcapital letter D with strokeba, hr, cz02720110
đsmall letter D with strokeba, hr, is02730111
Ècapital letter E with grave accentfr020000C8
Écapital letter E with acute accentcz, es,fr0201 or 14400C9
Êcapital letter E with circumflexfr020200CA
Ëcapital letter E with diaeresisfr, is020300CB
èsmall letter e with grave accentfr0232 or 13800E8
ésmall letter E with acute accentes,fr0233 or 13000E9
êsmall letter E with circumflexfr0234 or 13600EA
ësmall letter E with diaeresisfr, is0235 or 13700EB
Ēcapital letter E with macronlv02740112
ēsmall letter E with macronlv02750113
Ėcapital letter E with dot abovelt02780116
ėsmall letter E with dot abovelt02790117
Ęcapital letter E with ogoneklt, pl02800118
ęsmall letter E with ogoneklt, pl02810119
Ěcapital letter E with caroncz0282011A
ěsmall letter E with caroncz0283011B
Ğcapital letter G with brevetr0286011E
ğsmall letter G with brevetr0287011F
Ġcapital letter G with a dot abovemt02880120
ġsmall letter G with a dot abovemt02890121
Ģcapital letter G with cedillalv02900122
ģsmall letter G with cedillalv02910123
Ħcapital letter H with strokemt02940126
ħsmall letter H with strokemt02950127
Ìcapital letter I (i) with grave accentfr020400CC
Ícapital letter I (i) with acute accentcz, es, fr020500CD
Îcapital letter I (i) with circumflexfr, ro020600CE
Ïcapital letter I (i) with diaeresisfr, is, pt020700CF
ìsmall letter I (i) with grave accentfr0236 or 14100EC
ísmall letter I (i) with acute accentes,fr0237 or 16100ED
îsmall letter I (i) with circumflexfr, ro0238 or 14000EE
ïsmall letter I (i) with diaeresisis, pt0239 or 13900EF
Īcapital letter I (i) with macronlv0298012A
īsmall letter I (i) with macronlv0299012B
Įcapital letter I (i) with ogoneklt0302012E
įsmall letter I (i) with ogoneklt0303012F
İcapital letter I (i) with dot abovetr03040130
ısmall letter dotless I (i)tr03050131
Ķcapital letter K with cedillalv03100136
ķsmall letter K with cedillalv03110137
ĸSmall letter KRAgl03120138
Ĺcapital letter L with acutesk03130139
ĺsmall letter L with acutesk0314013A
Ļcapital letter L with cedillalv0315013B
ļsmall letter L with cedillalv0316013C
Ľcapital letter L with caronsk0317013D
ľsmall letter L with caronsk0318013E
Łcapital letter L with strokepl03210141
łsmall letter L with strokepl03220142
Ñcapital letter N with tildees0209 or 16500D1
ñsmall letter n with tildees0241 or 16400F1
Ńcapital letter N with acutepl03230143
ńsmall letter N with acutepl03240144
Ņcapital letter N with cedillalv03250145
ņsmall letter N with cedillalv03260146
Ňcapital letter N with caronsk, cz03270147
ňsmall letter N with caronsk, cz03280148
Ŋcapital letter ENGSami0330014A
ŋsmall letter ENGSami0331014B
Òcapital letter O with grave accentfr021000D2
Ócapital letter O with acute accentcz, es, fr021100D3
Ôcapital letter O with circumflexfr021200D4
Õcapital letter O with tildept, et021300D5
Öcapital letter O with diaeresis (umlaut)de, et, is, se, tr0214 or 15300D6
Øcapital letter O with strokedk, no021600D8
òsmall letter O with grave accentfr0242 or 14900F2
ósmall letter O with acute accentes,fr0243 or 16200F3
ôsmall letter O with circumflexfr0244 or 14700F4
õsmall letter O with tildept, et024500F5
ösmall letter O with diaeresis (umlaut)de, et, is, se, tr024600F6
øsmall letter O with strokedk, no024800F8
Őcapital letter O with double acutehu03360150
ősmall letter O with double acutehu03370151
Œcapital ligature OEfr0338 or 01400152
œsmall ligature OEfr0339 or 01560153
Ŕcapital letter R with acutesk03400154
ŕsmall letter R with acutesk03420155
Ŗcapital letter R with cedillalv03420156
ŗsmall letter R with cedillalv03430157
Řcapital letter R with caroncz03440158
řsmall letter R with caroncz03450159
ßsmall letter sharp S (German Eszett)de0223 or 22500DF
Ścapital letter S with acutepl0346015A
śsmall letter S with acutepl0347015B
Şcapital letter S with cedillaro, tr0350015E
şsmall letter S with cedillaro, tr0351015F
Šcapital letter S with caronba, et, hr, lt, lv, si, sk, cz0352 or 01380160
šsmall letter S with caronba, et, hr, lt, lv, si, sk, cz0353 or 01540161
Șcapital letter S with a comma belowro05360218
șsmall letter S with a comma belowro05370219
Þcapital letter Thornis022200DE
þsmall letter thornis025400FE
Ţcapital letter T with cedillaro03540162
ţsmall letter T with cedillaro03550163
Ťcapital letter T with caronsk, cz03560164
ťsmall letter T with caronsk, cz03570165
Ŧcapital letter T with strokeSami03580166
ŧsmall letter T with strokeSami03590167
Țcapital letter T with a comma belowro0538021A
țsmall letter T with a comma belowro0539021B
Ùcapital letter U with grave accentfr021700D9
Úcapital letter U with acute accentes, fr021800DA
Ûcapital letter U with circumflexfr021900DB
Ücapital letter U with diaeresis (umlaut)de, et, is, tr022000DC
ùsmall letter U with grave accentfr0249 or 15100F9
úsmall letter U with acute accentes,fr0250 or 16300FA
ûsmall letter U with circumflexfr0251 or 15000FB
üsmall letter U with diaeresis (umlaut)de, et, is, tr0252 or 12900FC
Ũcapital letter U with tildegl03600168
ũsmall letter U with tildegl03610169
Ūcapital letter U with macronlt, lv0362016A
ūsmall lette U with macronlt, lv0363016B
Ůcapital letter U with ring abovecz0366016E
ůsmall letter U with ring abovecz0367016F
Űcapital letter U with double acutehu, si03680170
űsmall letter U with double acutehu, si03690171
Ųcapital letter U with ogoneklt03700172
ųsmall letter U with ogoneklt03710173
Ýcapital letter Y with acute accentie, is, sk022100DD
ýsmall letter Y with acute accentie, is, sk025300FD
ÿsmall letter Y with diaeresisfr, is0255 or 15200FF
Ÿcapital letter Y with diaeresisfr, is0376 or 01590178
Źcapital letter Z with acutepl03770179
źsmall letter Z with acutepl0378017A
Żcapital letter Z with a dot abovepl, mt0379017B
żsmall letter Z with a dot abovepl, mt0380017C
Žcapital letter Z with caronba, et, hr, lt, lv, si, sk, cz0381 or 0142017D
žsmall letter Z with caronba, hr, lt, lv, si, sk, cz0382 or 0158017E