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Unicode: Latin Letters Script, Fraktur, Double-Struck

Note that some of the symbols below may not appear because of a missing font on your system.

𝕬Bold Fraktur Capital A1201721D56C
𝕭Bold Fraktur Capital B1201731D56D
𝕮Bold Fraktur Capital C1201741D56E
𝕯Bold Fraktur Capital D1201751D56F
𝕰Bold Fraktur Capital E1201761D570
𝕱Bold Fraktur Capital F1201771D571
𝕲Bold Fraktur Capital G1201781D572
𝕳Bold Fraktur Capital H1201791D573
𝕴Bold Fraktur Capital I1201801D574
𝕵Bold Fraktur Capital J1201811D575
𝕶Bold Fraktur Capital K1201821D576
𝕷Bold Fraktur Capital L1201831D577
𝕸Bold Fraktur Capital M1201841D578
𝕹Bold Fraktur Capital N1201851D579
𝕺Bold Fraktur Capital O1201861D57A
𝕻Bold Fraktur Capital P1201871D57B
𝕼Bold Fraktur Capital Q1201881D57C
𝕽Bold Fraktur Capital R1201891D57D
𝕾Bold Fraktur Capital S1201901D57E
𝕿Bold Fraktur Capital T1201911D57F
𝖀Bold Fraktur Capital U1201921D580
𝖁Bold Fraktur Capital V1201931D581
𝖂Bold Fraktur Capital W1201941D582
𝖃Bold Fraktur Capital X1201951D583
𝖄Bold Fraktur Capital Y1201961D584
𝖅Bold Fraktur Capital Z1201971D585
𝖆Bold Fraktur Small A1201981D586
𝖇Bold Fraktur Small B1201991D587
𝖈Bold Fraktur Small C1202001D588
𝖉Bold Fraktur Small D1202011D589
𝖊Bold Fraktur Small E1202021D58A
𝖋Bold Fraktur Small F1202031D58B
𝖌Bold Fraktur Small G1202041D58C
𝖍Bold Fraktur Small H1202051D58D
𝖎Bold Fraktur Small I1202061D58E
𝖏Bold Fraktur Small J1202071D58F
𝖐Bold Fraktur Small K1202081D590
𝖑Bold Fraktur Small L1202091D591
𝖒Bold Fraktur Small M1202101D592
𝖓Bold Fraktur Small N1202111D593
𝖔Bold Fraktur Small O1202121D594
𝖕Bold Fraktur Small P1202131D595
𝖖Bold Fraktur Small Q1202141D596
𝖗Bold Fraktur Small R1202151D597
𝖘Bold Fraktur Small S1202161D598
𝖙Bold Fraktur Small T1202171D599
𝖚Bold Fraktur Small U1202181D59A
𝖛Bold Fraktur Small V1202191D59B
𝖜Bold Fraktur Small W1202201D59C
𝖝Bold Fraktur Small X1202211D59D
𝖞Bold Fraktur Small Y1202221D59E
𝖟Bold Fraktur Small Z1202231D59F
𝓐Bold Script Capital A1200161D4D0
𝓑Bold Script Capital B1200171D4D1
𝓒Bold Script Capital C1200181D4D2
𝓓Bold Script Capital D1200191D4D3
𝓔Bold Script Capital E1200201D4D4
𝓕Bold Script Capital F1200211D4D5
𝓖Bold Script Capital G1200221D4D6
𝓗Bold Script Capital H1200231D4D7
𝓘Bold Script Capital I1200241D4D8
𝓙Bold Script Capital J1200251D4D9
𝓚Bold Script Capital K1200261D4DA
𝓛Bold Script Capital L1200271D4DB
𝓜Bold Script Capital M1200281D4DC
𝓝Bold Script Capital N1200291D4DD
𝓞Bold Script Capital O1200301D4DE
𝓟Bold Script Capital P1200311D4DF
𝓠Bold Script Capital Q1200321D4E0
𝓡Bold Script Capital R1200331D4E1
𝓢Bold Script Capital S1200341D4E2
𝓣Bold Script Capital T1200351D4E3
𝓤Bold Script Capital U1200361D4E4
𝓥Bold Script Capital V1200371D4E5
𝓦Bold Script Capital W1200381D4E6
𝓧Bold Script Capital X1200391D4E7
𝓨Bold Script Capital Y1200401D4E8
𝓩Bold Script Capital Z1200411D4E9
𝓪Bold Script Small A1200421D4EA
𝓫Bold Script Small B1200431D4EB
𝓬Bold Script Small C1200441D4EC
𝓭Bold Script Small D1200451D4ED
𝓮Bold Script Small E1200461D4EE
𝓯Bold Script Small F1200471D4EF
𝓰Bold Script Small G1200481D4F0
𝓱Bold Script Small H1200491D4F1
𝓲Bold Script Small I1200501D4F2
𝓳Bold Script Small J1200511D4F3
𝓴Bold Script Small K1200521D4F4
𝓵Bold Script Small L1200531D4F5
𝓶Bold Script Small M1200541D4F6
𝓷Bold Script Small N1200551D4F7
𝓸Bold Script Small O1200561D4F8
𝓹Bold Script Small P1200571D4F9
𝓺Bold Script Small Q1200581D4FA
𝓻Bold Script Small R1200591D4FB
𝓼Bold Script Small S1200601D4FC
𝓽Bold Script Small T1200611D4FD
𝓾Bold Script Small U1200621D4FE
𝓿Bold Script Small V1200631D4FF
𝔀Bold Script Small W1200641D500
𝔁Bold Script Small X1200651D501
𝔂Bold Script Small Y1200661D502
𝔃Bold Script Small Z1200671D503
𝔸double-struck capital A1201201D538
𝔹double-struck capital B1201211D539
double-struck capital C84502102
𝔻double-struck capital D1201231D53B
double-struck capital D italic85172145
𝔼double-struck capital E1201241D53C
𝔽double-struck capital F1201251D53D
𝔾double-struck capital G1201261D53E
double-struck capital H8461210D
𝕀double-struck capital I1201281D540
𝕁double-struck capital J1201291D541
𝕂double-struck capital K1201301D542
𝕃double-struck capital L1201311D543
𝕄double-struck capital M1201321D544
double-struck capital N84692115
𝕆double-struck capital O1201341D546
double-struck capital P84732119
double-struck capital Q8474211A
double-struck capital R8477211D
𝕊double-struck capital S1201381D54A
𝕋double-struck capital T1201391D54B
𝕌double-struck capital U1201401D54C
𝕍double-struck capital V1201411D54D
𝕎double-struck capital W1201421D54E
𝕏double-struck capital X1201431D54F
𝕐double-struck capital Y1201441D550
double-struck capital Z84842124
𝕒double-struck small A1201461D552
𝕓double-struck small B1201471D553
𝕔double-struck small C1201481D554
𝕕double-struck small D1201491D555
double-struck small D italic85182146
𝕖double-struck small E1201501D556
double-struck small E italic85192147
𝕗double-struck small F1201511D557
𝕘double-struck small G1201521D558
𝕙double-struck small H1201531D559
𝕚double-struck small I1201541D55A
double-struck small I italic85202148
𝕛double-struck small J1201551D55B
double-struck small J italic85212149
𝕜double-struck small K1201561D55C
𝕝double-struck small L1201571D55D
𝕞double-struck small M1201581D55E
𝕟double-struck small N1201591D55F
𝕠double-struck small O1201601D560
𝕡double-struck small P1201611D561
𝕢double-struck small Q1201621D562
𝕣double-struck small R1201631D563
𝕤double-struck small S1201641D564
𝕥double-struck small T1201651D565
𝕦double-struck small U1201661D566
𝕧double-struck small V1201671D567
𝕨double-struck small W1201681D568
𝕩double-struck small X1201691D569
𝕪double-struck small Y1201701D56A
𝕫double-struck small Z1201711D56B
𝔄Fraktur capital A1200681D504
𝔅Fraktur capital B1200691D505
Fraktur capital C8493212D
𝔇Fraktur capital D1200711D507
𝔈Fraktur capital E1200721D508
𝔉Fraktur capital F1200731D509
𝔊Fraktur capital G1200741D50A
Fraktur capital H8460210C
Fraktur capital I84652111
𝔍Fraktur capital J1200771D50D
𝔎Fraktur capital K1200781D50E
𝔏Fraktur capital L1200791D50F
𝔐Fraktur capital M1200801D510
𝔑Fraktur capital N1200811D511
𝔒Fraktur capital O1200821D512
𝔓Fraktur capital P1200831D513
𝔔Fraktur capital Q1200841D514
𝔖Fraktur capital S1200861D516
𝔗Fraktur capital T1200871D517
𝔘Fraktur capital U1200881D518
𝔙Fraktur capital V1200891D519
𝔚Fraktur capital W1200901D51A
𝔛Fraktur capital X1200911D51B
𝔜Fraktur capital Y1200921D51C
Fraktur capital Z84882128
𝔞Fraktur small A1200941D51E
𝔟Fraktur small B1200951D51F
𝔠Fraktur small C1200961D520
𝔡Fraktur small D1200971D521
𝔢Fraktur small E1200981D522
𝔣Fraktur small F1200991D523
𝔤Fraktur small G1201001D524
𝔥Fraktur small H1201011D525
𝔦Fraktur small I1201021D526
𝔧Fraktur small J1201031D527
𝔨Fraktur small K1201041D528
𝔩Fraktur small L1201051D529
𝔪Fraktur small M1201061D52A
𝔫Fraktur small N1201071D52B
𝔬Fraktur small O1201081D52C
𝔭Fraktur small P1201091D52D
𝔮Fraktur small Q1201101D52E
𝔯Fraktur small R1201111D52F
𝔰Fraktur small S1201121D530
𝔱Fraktur small T1201131D531
𝔲Fraktur small U1201141D532
𝔳Fraktur small V1201151D533
𝔴Fraktur small W1201161D534
𝔵Fraktur small X1201171D535
𝔶Fraktur small Y1201181D536
𝔷Fraktur small Z1201191D537
𝒜Script capital A1199641D49C
Script capital B8492212C
𝒞Script capital C1199661D49E
𝒟Script capital D1199671D49F
Script capital E84962130
Script capital F84972131
𝒢Script capital G1199701D4A2
Script capital H8459210B
Script capital I84642110
𝒥Script capital J1199731D4A5
𝒦Script capital K1199741D4A6
Script capital L84662112
𝒧Script capital L1199751D4A7
𝒨Script capital M1199761D4A8
𝒩Script capital N1199771D4A9
𝒪Script capital O1199781D4AA
𝒫Script capital P1199791D4AB
𝒬Script capital Q1199801D4AC
𝒮Script capital S1199821D4AE
𝒯Script capital T1199831D4AF
𝒰Script capital U1199841D4B0
𝒱Script capital V1199851D4B1
𝒲Script capital W1199861D4B2
𝒳Script capital X1199871D4B3
𝒴Script capital Y1199881D4B4
𝒵Script capital Z1199891D4B5
𝒶Script small A1199901D4B6
𝒷Script small B1199911D4B7
𝒸Script small C1199921D4B8
𝒹Script small D1199931D4B9
script small E8495212F
𝒻Script small F1199951D4BB
Script small G8458210A
𝒽Script small H1199971D4BD
𝒾Script small I1199981D4BE
𝒿Script small J1199991D4BF
𝓀Script small K1200001D4C0
𝓁Script small L1200011D4C1
Script small L84672113
𝓂Script small M1200021D4C2
𝓃Script small N1200031D4C3
Script small O85002134
𝓅Script small P1200051D4C5
𝓆Script small Q1200061D4C6
𝓇Script small R1200071D4C7
𝓈Script small S1200081D4C8
𝓉Script small T1200091D4C9
𝓊Script small U1200101D4CA
𝓋Script small V1200111D4CB
𝓌Script small W1200121D4CC
𝓍Script small X1200131D4CD
𝓎Script small Y1200141D4CE
𝓏Script small Z1200151D4CF