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Unicode: Sports symbols

Note that some of the symbols below may not appear because of a missing font on your system.

football (U.S.: socker ball)991726BD
flag in hole (golf)997126F3
ice skate997626F8
person with ball997726F9
🎣fishing pole and fish1279071F3A3
🎯direct hit (dart)1279191F3AF
🎽running shirt with sash1279331F3BD
🎾tennis racket and ball1279341F3BE
🎿ski and ski boot1279351F3BF
🏀basketball and hoop1279361F3C0
🏁chequered flag1279371F3C1
🏅sports medal1279411F3C5
🏇horse racing1279431F3C7
🏈American football1279441F3C8
🏉rugby football1279451F3C9
🏋weight lifter1279471F3CB
🏍racing motorcycle1279491F3CD
🏎racing car1279501F3CE
🏏cricket bat and ball1279511F3CF
🏑field hockey stick and ball1279531F3D1
🏒ice hockey stick and puck1279541F3D2
🏓table tennis paddle and ball1279551F3D3
🏸badminton racquet and shuttlecock1279921F3F8
🏹bow and arrow1279931F3F9
🕺man dancing1283781F57A
🚵mountain bicyclist1286931F6B5
🛼roller skate1287641F6FC
🤸person doing cartwheel1293361F938
🤻modern pentathlon1293391F93B
🤽water polo1293411F93D
🤿diving mask1293431F93F
🥅goal net1293491F945
🥇first place medal1293511F947
🥈second place medal1293521F948
🥉third place medal1293531F949
🥊boxing glove1293541F94A
🥋martial arts uniform1293551F94B
🥌curling stone1293561F94C
🥍lacrosse stick and ball1293571F94D
🥏flying disc1293591F94F
🥾hiking boot1294061F97E
🧗person climbing1294951F9D7
🩰ballet shoes1296481FA70
🩱one-piece swimsuit1296491FA71