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Unicode: Roman numerals

Note that some of the symbols below may not appear because of a missing font on your system.

Roman numerals normally exist only as uppercase. However, as Roman numerals are popular for enumerations, small letter have been introduced.

Roman 185442160
Roman 285452161
Roman 385462162
Roman 485472163
Roman 585482164
Roman 685492165
Roman 785502166
Roman 885512167
Roman 985522168
Roman 1085532169
Roman 118554216A
Roman 128555216B
Roman 508556216C
Roman 1008557216D
Roman 5008558216E
Roman 10008559216F
small Roman 185602170
small Roman 285612171
small Roman 385622172
small Roman 485632173
small Roman 585642174
small Roman 685652175
small Roman 785662176
small Roman 885672177
small Roman 985682178
small Roman 1085692179
small Roman 118570217A
small Roman 128571217B
small Roman 508572217C
small Roman 1008573217D
small Roman 5008574217E
small Roman 10008575217F
Roman numeral one thousand CD85762180
Roman numeral five thousand85772181
Roman numeral ten thousand85782182
Roman numeral reversed one hundred85792183
Roman six late form85812185
Roman numeral fifty early form85822186
Roman numeral fifty thousand85832187
Roman numeral one hundred thousand85842188