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Unicode: Religion

Note that some of the symbols below may not appear because of a missing font on your system.

۝Arabic end of Ayah175706DD
۞Arabic start of Rub El Hizb175806DE
۩Arabic place of Sajdah176906E9
Tibetian symbol Phur Pa40400FC8
orthodox cross97662626
star and crescent moon9770262A
wheel of Dharma97842638
west syriac cross98402670
east syriac cross98412671
shinto shrine996126E9
Latin cross10013271D
shadowed whiteLatin cross10014271E
outlined Latin cross10015271F
Maltese cross100162720
star of David100172721
📿prayer beads1282551F4FF
🔯six-pointed star with middle dot1283031F52F
🕆white Latin cross1283261F546
🕇heavy Latin cross1283271F547
🕈Celtic cross1283281F548
🕎Menorah with nine branches1283341F54E
🙌person raising both hands in celebration1285881F64C
🛐place of worship1287201F6D0
🛕Hindu temple1287251F6D5