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Unicode: Public signs

Note that some of the symbols below may not appear because of a missing font on your system.

🅏squared WC1273111F14F
🆏negative squared WC1273751F18F
📳vibration mode1282431F4F3
📵no mobile phones1282451F4F5
🔇speaker with cancellation stroke1282631F507
🔕bell with cancellation stroke1282771F515
🔞no one under eightteen symbol1282861F51E
🚫no entry sign1286831F6AB
🚬smoking symbol1286841F6AC
🚭no smoking symbol1286851F6AD
🚮put litter in this place1286861F6AE
🚯do not litter symbol1286871F6AF
🚰potable water symbol1286881F6B0
🚱non-potable water symbol1286891F6B1
🚹men symbol1286971F6B9
🚺women symbol1286981F6BA
🚼baby (diaper changing facilities)1287001F6BC