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Unicode: Pseudo symbols

Note that some of the symbols below may not appear because of a missing font on your system.

Sudanese letter SA70701B9E
Batak letter Ba71091BC5
Batak letter Karo Ba71101BC6
Batak letter Mba71391BE3
Batak letter I71401BE4
Batak letter U71411BE5
Batak vowel sign I71461BEA
Lepcha letter Ga71711C03
Lepcha Lette Gla71721C04
Sundanese punctuation bindu panglong73611CC1
Sundanese punctuation bindu purnama73621CC2
Vedic sign anusvara antargomukha74011CE9
Vedic sign Jihvamuliya74131CF5
Tifinagh letter yab115692D31
Tifinagh letter yabh115702D32
Tifinagh letter yah115842D40
Tifinagh letter yar116042D54