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Unicode: people

Note that some of the symbols below may not appear because of a missing font on your system.

👦boy / brother1281021F466
👧girl / sister1281031F467
👨man / father1281041F468
👫man and woman holding hands1281071F46B
👬two men holding hands1281081F46C
👭two women holding hands1281091F46D
👮police officer1281101F46E
👯women with bunny ears (two women dancing)1281111F46F
👰bride with veil1281121F470
👱person with blond hair1281131F471
👲man with gua pi mao1281141F472
👳man with turban1281151F473
👴older man1281161F474
👵older woman1281171F475
👷construction worker (man with helmet)1281191F477
💁information desk person1281291F481
🤰pregnant woman1293281F930
🤵man in tuxedo1293331F935
🧍standing person1294851F9CD
🧎kneeling person1294861F9CE
🧏deaf person1294871F9CF
🧓older adult1294911F9D3
🧔bearded person1294921F9D4
🧕person with headscarf1294931F9D5
🧖person in steamy room1294941F9D6
🧘person in lotus position1294961F9D8
🫂people hugging1297301FAC2
🫃pregnant man1297311FAC3
🫄pregnant person1297321FAC4
🫅person with crown1297331FAC5