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Unicode: Other characters

Note that some of the symbols below may not appear because of a missing font on your system.

!exclamation mark330021
"quotation mark340022
#number sign350023
%percent sign370025
(left parenthesis400028
)right parenhesis410029
+plus sign43002B
-hyphen, minus45002D
.full stop46002E
:digit ten58003A
<less than60003C
=equals sign61003D
>greater than62003E
?question mark63003F
@fullwidth commercial at640040
[left square bracket91005B
\reverse solidus92005C
]right square bracket93005D
^circumflex accent94005E
_low line95005F
`grave accent960060
{left curly bracket123007B
|vertical line (pipe)124007C
}right curly bracket125007D
¡inverted exclamation mark16100A1
¦broken vertical bar16600A6
§section sign16700A7
¨diaeresis (spacing diaeresis)16800A8
ªfeminine ordinal indicator17000AA
«double left-pointing angle quotation mark17100AB
¬not sign17200AC
­soft or discretionary hyphen (only visible when breaking at the end of the line)17300AD
¯macron, overline, overbar17500AF
°degree symbol17600B0
±plus or minus sign17700B1
²superscript two17800B2
³superscript three17900B3
´acute accent18000B4
µmicro sign (from greek letter mu)18100B5
paragraph sign18200B6
·middle dot18300B7
¸cedilla (spacing cedilla)18400B8
¹superscript one18500B9
ºmasculine ordinal indicator18600BA
»double right-pointing angle quotation mark18700BB
¿inverted question mark19100BF
ˆmodifier letter circumflex accent71002C6
˜small tilde73202DC
ˠmodifier letter small gamma73602E0
̅combining overline7730305
en dash82112013
em dash82122014
left single quotation mark82162018
right single quotation mark82172019
single low-9 quotation mark8218201A
left double quotation mark8220201C
dagger, obelisk82242020
double dagger, double obelisk82252021
horizontal ellipsis (three dot leader)82302026
double prime82432033
single left-pointing angle quotation mark82492039
single right-pointing angle quotation mark8250203A
double exclamation mark8252203C
oline (spacing overscore)8254203E
double question mark82632047
question exclamation mark82642048
exclamation question mark82652049
commercial minus sign82742052
centerline symbol84522104
numero sign84702116
information source85052139
facsimile sign8507213B