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Other Unicode symbols

Note that some of the symbols below may not appear because of a missing font on your system.

֍right-facing Armenian eternity sign1421058D
֎left-facing Armenian eternity sign1422058E
zero width space8203200B
alef symbol85012135
toggle power921223FC
power on921323FD
sleep mode921423FE
observer eye symbol921523FF
symbol for Null92162400
symbol for acknowledge92222406
symbol for backspace92242408
symbol for horizontal tabulation92252409
symbol for line feed9226240A
symbol for carrage return9229240D
box drawings: light diagonal cross95872573
upper half block96002580
lower half block96042584
lower three querters block96062586
left half block9612258C
right half block96162590
white rectangle964525AD
black up-pointing triangle965025B2
white up-pointing triangle965125B3
black right-pointing pointer965825BA
black down-pointing triangle966025BC
white down-pointing triangle966125BD
black left-pointing pointer966825C4
lozenge (rhombus or diamond shape)967425CA
white circle967525CB
squite square with vertical bisection line970725EB
ballot box97442610
ballot box with check97452611
ballot box with x97462612
shamrock (trefoil clover leaf)97522618
caduceus, herald's wand, herald's staff97642624
farsi symbol9771262B
adi shakti9772262C
hammer and sickle9773262D
peace symbol9774262E
yin yang9775262F
trigram for heaven / menu symbol97762630
white sun with rays9788263C
black spade suit98242660
white heart suit98252661
white diamond suit98262662
black club suit (shamrock)98272663
white spade suit98282664
black (or red) heart suit (valentine)98292665
black (or red) diamond suit98302666
white club suit98312667
hot springs98322668
universal recycling symbol98422672
recycling symbol for type 1 plastics98432673
recycling symbol for type 2 plastics98442674
recycling symbol for type 3 plastics98452675
recycling symbol for type 4 plastics98462676
recycling symbol for type 5 plastics98472677
recycling symbol for type 6 plastics98482678
recycling symbol for type 7 plastics98492679
recycling symbol for generic materials9850267A
black universal recycling symbol9851267B
recycled paper symbol9852267C
partially recycled paper symbol9853267D
dice with a one98562680
dice with a two98572681
dice with a three98582682
dice with a four98592683
dice with a five98602684
dice with a six98612685
white flag98722690
black flag98732691
crossed swords98762694
outlined white star9885269D
three lines converging right9886269E
three lines converging left9887269F
doubled female sign989026A2
doubled male sign989126A3
interlocked female and male sign989226A4
male and female sign989326A5
marriage symbol990126AD
divorce symbol990226AE
unmarried partnership symbol990326AF
funeral urn990526B1
squared key991926BF
white draughts (checkers) man992026C0
white draughts (checkers) king992126C1
black draughts (checkers) man992226C2
black draughts (checkers) king992326C3
helmet with white cross993726D1
circled crossing lanes993826D2
right-handed interlaced pentagram (de: Drudenfu├č)995726E5
left-handed interlaced pentagram (de: Drudenfu├č)995826E6
inverted pentagram995926E7
historic site996426EC
umbrella on ground996926F1
fuel pump998126FD
cup on black square998226FE
black safety scissors99842700
upper blade scissors99852701
black scissors99862702
lower blade scissors99872703
white scissors99882704
white heavy check mark99892705
tape drive99912707
writing hand9997270D
lower right pencil9998270E
upper right pencil100002710
white nib100012711
black nib100022712
check mark100032713
heavy check mark100042714
ballot x100072717
heavy ballot X100082718
outlined Greek cross100092719
heavy Greek cross10010271A
open centre cross10011271B
heavy open centre cross10012271C
cross mark10060274C
negative squared cross mark10062274E
black question mark ornament100672753
white question mark ornament100682754
white exclamation mark ornament100692755
black diamond minus white x100702756
heavy exclamation mark symbol100712757
heavy black heart100842764
double curly loop1017527BF
circled vertical bar1067829B6
n-ary circled dot operator107522A00
n-ary circled plus operator107532A01
n-ary circled times operator107542A02
precedes above single-line equals sign109272AAF
succeeds above single-line equals sign109282AB0
black large square110352B1B
white large square110362B1C
white pentagon110402B20
white hexagon110412B21
black hexagon110422B22
black large circle110442B24
white horizontal ellipse110532B2D
white medium star110882B50
heavy large circle110932B55
heavy circle110962B58
heavy circled saltire110972B59
overlapping white squares111942BBA
overlapping white and black squares111952BBB
overlapping black squares111962BBC
black square centered112002BC0
group mark112182BD2
Pluto form two112192BD3
Pluto form three112202BD4
Pluto form four112212BD5
Pluto form five112222BD6
white moon Selena112292BDD
black diamond on cross112302BDE
true light moon Arta112312BDF
left half black star112402BE8
right half black start112412BE9
star with left half black112422BEA
star with right half black112432BEB
Eris form one112482BF0
Eris form two112492BF1
Russian astrological symbol Vigintile112512BF3
Russian astrological symbol Novile112522BF4
Russian astrological symbol Quintile112532BF5
Russian astrological symbol Binovile112542BF6
Russian astrological symbol Sentagon112552BF7
Russian astrological symbol Tredecile112562BF8
Equals sign with infinity below112572BF9
united symbol112582BFA
separated symbol112592BFB
doubled symbol112602BFC
passed symbol112612BFD
reversed right angle112622BFE
⯿Hellschreiber pause symbol112632BFF
wave dash12316301C
reversed double prime quotation mark12317301D
double prime quotation mark12318301E
low double prime quotation mark12319301F
Partnership sign128803250
square hg1300432CC
square erg1300532CD
square ev1300632CE
limited liability sign1300732CF
hexagram for gathering together199484DEC
🄯copyleft symbol1272791F12F
🆊crossed negative squared Latin capital letter P1273701F18A
🆒squared COOL1273781F192
🆓squared FREE1273791F193
🆕squared NEW1273811F195
🆗squared OK1273831F197
🆘squared SOS1273841F198
🆙squared UP with exclamation mark1273851F199
🌃night with stars in the city1277471F303
🌄sunrise over mountains1277481F304
🌆cityscape at dusk1277501F306
🌇sunset over buildings1277511F307
🌉bridge at night1277531F309
🌊water wave1277541F30A
🌌Milky Way1277561F30C
🌍earth globe Europe Africa1277571F30D
🌎earth globe Americas1277581F30E
🌏earth globe Asia-Australia1277591F30F
🌐world grid1277601F310
🌠shooting star1277761F320
🌢black droplet1277781F322
🎄Christmas tree1278761F384
🎇firework sparkler1278791F387
🎊confetti ball1278821F38A
🎍pine decoration1278851F38D
🎏carp streamer1278871F38F
🎐wind chime1278881F390
🎒school satchel1278901F392
🎓graduation cap1278911F393
🎔heart with tip on the left1278921F394
🎕bouquet of flowers1278931F395
🎖military medal1278941F396
🎗reminder ribbon1278951F397
🎞film frames1279021F39E
🎟admission tickets1279031F39F
🎠carousel horse1279041F3A0
🎡Ferris wheel1279051F3A1
🎢roller coaster1279061F3A2
🎥movie camera1279091F3A5
🎨artist palette1279121F3A8
🎩top hat1279131F3A9
🎪circus tent1279141F3AA
🎬clapper board1279161F3AC
🎭performing arts1279171F3AD
🎮video game1279181F3AE
🎰slot machine1279201F3B0
🎲game dice1279221F3B2
🎴flower playing cards1279241F3B4
🏔snow capped mountain1279561F3D4
🏖beach with umbrella1279581F3D6
🏗building construction1279591F3D7
🏘house buildings1279601F3D8
🏚derelict house building1279621F3DA
🏛classical building1279631F3DB
🏝desert island1279651F3DD
🏞national park1279661F3DE
🏢office building1279701F3E2
🏤European post office1279721F3E4
🏧automated teller machine1279751F3E7
🏩love hotel1279771F3E9
🏪convenience store1279781F3EA
🏬department store1279801F3EC
🏰European castle1279841F3F0
🏱white pennant1279851F3F1
🏲black pennant1279861F3F2
🏳waving white flag1279871F3F3
🏴waving black flag1279881F3F4
🏶black rosette1279901F3F6
🏻Emoji modifier Fitzpatrick type-1-21279951F3FB
🏼Emoji modifier Fitzpatrick type-31279961F3FC
🏽Emoji modifier Fitzpatrick type-41279971F3FD
🏾Emoji modifier Fitzpatrick type-51279981F3FE
🏿Emoji modifier Fitzpatrick type-61279991F3FF
👤bust in silhouette1281001F464
👥busts in silhouette1281011F465
👽extraterrestral alien1281251F47D
👾alien monster1281261F47E
💅nail polish1281331F485
💆face massage1281341F486
💈barber pole1281361F488
💋kiss mark1281391F48B
💌love letter1281401F48C
💎gem stone1281421F48E
💑couple with heart1281451F491
💓beating heart1281471F493
💔broken heart1281481F494
💕two hearts1281491F495
💖sparkling heart1281501F496
💗growing heart1281511F497
💘heart with arrow1281521F498
💙blue heart1281531F499
💚green heart1281541F49A
💛yellow heart1281551F49B
💜purple heart1281561F49C
💝heart with ribbon1281571F49D
💞revolving hearts1281581F49E
💟heart decoration1281591F49F
💠diamond shape with a dot inside1281601F4A0
💡electric light bulb1281611F4A1
💢anger symbol1281621F4A2
💤sleeping symbol1281641F4A4
💥collision symbol1281651F4A5
💦splashing sweat symbol1281661F4A6
💨dash symbol1281681F4A8
💩pile of poo1281691F4A9
💪flexed biceps1281701F4AA
💫dizzy symbol1281711F4AB
💬speech balloon1281721F4AC
💭thought balloon1281731F4AD
💮white flower1281741F4AE
💯hundred points symbol1281751F4AF
💰money bag1281761F4B0
💱currency exchange1281771F4B1
💳credit card1281791F4B3
💵banknote with dollar sign1281811F4B5
💶banknote with euro sign1281821F4B6
💷banknote with pound sign1281831F4B7
💸money with wings1281841F4B8
📆tear-off calendar1281981F4C6
📇card index1281991F4C7
📈chart with upward trend1282001F4C8
📉chard with downward trend1282011F4C9
📊bar chart1282021F4CA
📍round pushpin1282051F4CD
📏straight ruler1282071F4CF
📐triangular ruler1282081F4D0
📑bookmark tabs1282091F4D1
📔notebook with decorative cover1282121F4D4
📕closed book1282131F4D5
📖open book1282141F4D6
📗green book1282151F4D7
📘blue book1282161F4D8
📙orange book1282171F4D9
📛name badge1282191F4DB
📠fax machine1282241F4E0
📡satellite antenna1282251F4E1
📢public address loudspeaker1282261F4E2
📣cheering megaphone1282271F4E3
📤outbox tray1282281F4E4
📥inbox tray1282291F4E5
📧e-mail symbol1282311F4E7
📨incoming envelope1282321F4E8
📩envelope with downwards arrow above1282331F4E9
📪closed mailbox with lowered flag1282341F4EA
📫closed mailbox with raised flag1282351F4EB
📬open mailbox with raised flag1282361F4EC
📭mailbox with no mail1282371F4ED
📯postal horn1282391F4EF
📱mobile phone1282411F4F1
📲mobile phone with rightwards arrow at left1282421F4F2
📴mobile phone off1282441F4F4
📶antenna with bars1282461F4F6
📸camera with flash1282481F4F8
📹video camera1282491F4F9
📽film projector1282531F4FD
📾portable stereo1282541F4FE
🔁black universal recycling symbol1282571F501
🔅low brightness symbol1282611F505
🔆high brightness symbol1282621F506
🔉speaker with one sound wave1282651F509
🔊speaker with three sound waves1282661F50A
🔌electric plug1282681F50C
🔍left-pointing magnifying glass1282691F50D
🔎right-pointing magnifying glass1282701F50E
🔏closed lock with ink pen1282711F50F
🔐closed lock with key1282721F510
🔓open lock1282751F513
🔗link symbol1282791F517
🔘radio button1282801F518
🔙back with leftwards arrow above1282811F519
🔝top with upwards arrow above1282851F51D
🔟keycap 101282871F51F
🔠input symbol for Latin capital lettes1282881F520
🔡input symbol for Latin small letters1282891F521
🔢input symbol for numbers1282901F522
🔣input symbol for symbols1282911F523
🔤input symbol for Latin letters1282921F524
🔦electric torch1282941F526
🔪hocho knife1282981F52A
🔱trident emblem1283051F531
🔼up-pointing small red triangle1283161F53C
🔽down-pointing small red triangle1283171F53D
🕉OM symbol1283291F549
🕊dove of peace1283301F54A
🕨right speaker1283601F568
🕩right speaker with one sound wave1283611F569
🕪right speaker with three sound waves1283621F56A
🕬bullhorn with sound waves1283641F56C
🕭ringing bell1283651F56D
🕰mantelpiece clock1283681F570
🕲no piracy1283701F572
🕴man in business suit levitating1283721F574
🕵sleuth or spy1283731F575
🕶dark sunglasses1283741F576
🖂back of envelope1283861F582
🖃stamped envelope1283871F583
🖄envelope with lightning1283881F584
🖅flying envelope1283891F585
🖆pen over stamped envelope1283901F586
🖇linked paperclips1283911F587
🖈black pushpin1283921F588
🖉lower left pencil1283931F589
🖊lower left ballpoint pen1283941F58A
🖋lower left fountain pen1283951F58B
🖌lower left painbrush1283961F58C
🖍lower left crayon1283971F58D
🖎left writing hand1283981F58E
🖤black heart1284201F5A4
🖩pocket calculator1284251F5A9
🖭tape cartridge1284291F5AD
🖼frame with picture1284441F5BC
🖽frame with tiles1284451F5BD
🖾frame with an x1284461F5BE
🗙cancellation x1284731F5D9
🗚increase font size symbol1284741F5DA
🗛decrease font size symbol1284751F5DB
🗝key (old)1284771F5DD
🗞rolled-up newspaper1284781F5DE
🗠stock chart1284801F5E0
🗡dagger knife1284811F5E1
🗣speaking head in silhouette1284831F5E3
🗤three rays above1284841F5E4
🗥three rays below1284851F5E5
🗦three rays left1284861F5E6
🗧three rays right1284871F5E7
🗨left speech bubble1284881F5E8
🗩right speech bubble1284891F5E9
🗪two speech bubbles1284901F5EA
🗫threee speech bubbles1284911F5EB
🗬left thought bubble1284921F5EC
🗭right thought bubble1284931F5ED
🗮left anger bubble1284941F5EE
🗯right anger bubble1284951F5EF
🗰mood bubble1284961F5F0
🗱lightning mood bubble1284971F5F1
🗲lightning mood1284981F5F2
🗳ballot box with ballot1284991F5F3
🗴ballot script x1285001F5F4
🗵ballot box with script x1285011F5F5
🗶ballot bold script x1285021F5F6
🗷ballot box with bold script x1285031F5F7
🗸light check mark1285041F5F8
🗹ballot box with bold check1285051F5F9
🗺world map1285061F5FA
🗽Statue of Liberty1285091F5FD
🚩triangular flag on post1286811F6A9
🛆triangle with rounded corners1287101F6C6
🛇prohibited sign (from upper-left to lower-right)1287111F6C7
🛈circled information source1287121F6C8
🛉boys symbol1287131F6C9
🛊girls symbol1287141F6CA
🛍shopping bags1287171F6CD
🛎bellhop bell1287181F6CE
🛑octagonal sign1287211F6D1
🛒shopping trolley1287221F6D2
🛝playground slide1287331F6DD
🛟ring buoy1287351F6DF
🛢oil drum1287381F6E2
🛸flying saucer1287601F6F8
🟑heavy eight pointed pinwheel star1289771F7D1
🤍white heart1292931F90D
🤎brown heart1292941F90E
🧃beverage box1294751F9C3
🧡orange heart1295051F9E1
🧧red gift envelope1295111F9E7
🧩jigsaw puzzle piece1295131F9E9
🧯fire extinguisher1295191F9EF
🧴lotion bottle1295241F9F4
🧵spool of thread1295251F9F5
🧶ball of yarn1295261F9F6
🧷safety pen1295271F9F7
🧿Nazar amulet1295351F9FF
🩵light blue heart1296531FA75
🩶grey heart1296541FA76
🩷pink heart1296551FA77
🪀Yo-yo (game for children)1296641FA80
🪄magic wand1296681FA84
🪆nesting dolls1296701FA86
🪐ringed planet1296801FA90
🪖military helmet1296861FA96
🪧placard (Plakat)1297031FAA7
🪩mirror ball1297051FAA9
🪪identification card1297061FAAA
🪫low battery1297071FAAB
🪭folding hand fan1297091FAAD
🪮hair pick1297101FAAE
🪴potted plant1297161FAB4
🫗pouring liquid1297511FAD7
🯀white heavy saltire with rounded corners1299841FBC0
🯄negative squared question mark1299881FBC4
🯅stick figure1299891FBC5
🯆stick figure with arms raised1299901FBC6
🯇stick figure leaning left1299911FBC7
🯈stick figure leaning right1299921FBC8
🯉stick figure with dress1299931FBC9
🯊white up-pointing chevron1299941FBCA