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Unicode: Moon phases

Note that some of the symbols below may not appear because of a missing font on your system.

first quarter moon9789263D
last quarter moon9790263E
🌑new moon1277611F311
🌒waxing crescent moon1277621F312
🌓first quarter moon symbol1277631F313
🌔waxing gibbous moon symbol1277641F314
🌕full moon symbol1277651F315
🌖waning gibbous moon1277661F316
🌗last quarter moon1277671F317
🌘waning crescent moon1277681F318
🌙crescent moon1277691F319
🌚new moon with face1277701F31A
🌛first quarter moon with face1277711F31B
🌜last quarter moon with face1277721F31C
🌝full moon with face1277731F31D