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Unicode: Mathematics

Note that some of the symbols below may not appear because of a missing font on your system.

×multiplication sign21500D7
÷division sign (obelus)24700F7
ƒsmall letter F with hook (e.g. math: function)4020192
ϖpi symbol (Maths)98203D6
per mille sign82402030
per ten thousand sign82412031
for all87042200
partial differential87062202
there exists87072203
there does not exist87082204
empty set87092205
element of87122208
not an element of87132209
contains as member8715220B
does not contain as member (maths)8716220C
n-ary product8719220F
n-ary summation87212211
minus sign87222212
asterisk operator87272217
square root8730221A
cube root (maths)8731221B
fourth root8732221C
proportional to8733221D
logical and (wedge)87432227
logical or (vee)87442228
intersection (cap)87452229
union (cup)8746222A
therefore (maths)87562234
tilde operator (varies with, similar to)8764223C
congruent to87732245
almost equal to (asymptotic to)87762248
not equal to88002260
identical to, equivalent to88012261
less than or equal to88042264
greater than or equal to88052265
subset of88342282
superset of88352283
not a subset of88362284
subset of or equal to88382286
superset of or equal to88392287
circled plus (direct sum)88532295
circled times88552297
squared plus8862229E
squared minus8863229F
up tack (orthogonal to, perpendicular)886922A5
right triangle889522BF
dot operator890122C5
heavy multiplication sign100062716
heavy plus sign101332795
heavy minus sign101342796
heavy division sign101352797
𝜋mathematical italic small pi1205871D70B
🟰heavy equals sign1290081F7F0