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Unicode: Japan

Note that some of the symbols below may not appear because of a missing font on your system.

shinto shrine996126E9
japanese bank symbol997926FB
Japanese industrial standard symbol122923004
fullwidth Yen sign65509FFE5
🍘rice cracker1278321F358
🍙rice ball1278331F359
🍚cooked rice1278341F35A
🍜steaming bowl (like Japanese ramen)1278361F35C
🍣sushi and sashimi1278431F363
🍱Bento box1278571F371
🎋Tanabata tree1278831F38B
🎌crossed flags1278841F38C
🎎Japanese dolls1278861F38E
🎑moon viewing ceremony1278891F391
🏣Japanese post office1279711F3E3
🏮Izakaya lantern1279821F3EE
🏯Japanese castle1279831F3EF
👹Japanese ogre1281211F479
👺Japanese goblin1281221F47A
💴banknote with yen sign1281801F4B4
💹chart with upward trend and Yen sign1281851F4B9
🔰Japanese symbol for beginner1283041F530
🗻Mount Fuji1285071F5FB
🗼Tokyo tower1285081F5FC
🗾silhouette of Japan1285101F5FE