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Unicode: IT and Telecom

Note that some of the symbols below may not appear because of a missing font on your system.

upwards white arrow / shift key symbol (Mac)867921E7
upwards white arrow from bar / capslock symbol (Mac)868221EA
place of interest / command key symbol (Mac)89842318
option key symbol (Mac)89972325
erase to the left / backspace symbol (Mac)9003232B
broken circle with Northwest arrow / ESC key symbol (Mac)9099238B
return symbol916623CE
black telephone9742260E
white telephone9743260F
telephone location sign99902706
horizontal tab key111342B7E
⭿vertical tab key111352B7F
💻personal computer1281871F4BB
💾floppy disk1281901F4BE
💿optical disk1281911F4BF
📁file folder1281931F4C1
📂open file folder1281941F4C2
📞telephone receiver1282221F4DE
🕻left hand telephone receiver1283791F57B
🕼telephone receiver with page1283801F57C
🕽right hand telephone receiver1283811F57D
🕾white touchtone telephone1283821F57E
🕿black touchtone telephone1283831F57F
🖀telephone on top of modem1283841F580
🖁clamshell mobile phone1283851F581
🖥desktop computer1284211F5A5
🖦keyboard and mouse1284221F5A6
🖧three networked computers1284231F5A7
🖪black hard shell floppy disk1284261F5AA
🖫white hard shell floppy disk1284271F5AB
🖬soft shell floppy disk1284281F5AC
🖮wired keyboard1284301F5AE
🖯one button mouse1284311F5AF
🖰two button mouse1284321F5B0
🖱three button mouse1284331F5B1
🖳old personal computer1284351F5B3
🖴hard disk1284361F5B4
🖶printer icon1284381F5B6
🖷fax icon1284391F5B7
🖸optical disc icon1284401F5B8
🗔desktop window1284681F5D4