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Unicode: Hand signs

Note that some of the symbols below may not appear because of a missing font on your system.

black left pointing index9754261A
black right pointing index9755261B
white left pointing index9756261C
white right pointing index9757261D
white right pointing index9758261E
white down pointing index9759261F
raised fist9994270A
raised hand9995270B
victory hand9996270C
👆white up pointing backhand index1280701F446
👇white down pointing backhand index1280711F447
👈white left pointing backhand index1280721F448
👉white right pointing backhand index1280731F449
👊fisted hand sign (punch)1280741F44A
👋waving hand sign1280751F44B
👌o.k. hand sign1280761F44C
👍thumbs up sign1280771F44D
👎thumbs down sign1280781F44E
👏clapping hands sign1280791F44F
👐open hands sign1280801F450
🖏turned ok hand sign1283991F58F
🖐raised hand with fingers splayed1284001F590
🖑reversed raised hand with fingers splayed1284011F591
🖒reversed thumbs up sign1284021F592
🖓reversed thumbs down sign1284031F593
🖔reversed victory hand1284041F594
🖕reversed hand with middle finger extended1284051F595
🖖raised hand with part between middle and ring fingers1284061F596
🖗white down pointing left hand index1284071F597
🖘sideways white left pointing index1284081F598
🖙sideways white right pointing index1284091F599
🖚sideways black left pointing index1284101F59A
🖛sideways black right pointing index1284111F59B
🖜black left pointing backhand index1284121F59C
🖝black right pointing backhand index1284131F59D
🖞white up pointing index1284141F59E
🖟sideways white down pointing index1284151F59F
🖠sideways black up pointing index1284161F5A0
🖡sideways black down pointing index1284171F5A1
🖢black up pointing backhand index1284181F5A2
🖣black down pointing backhand index1284191F5A3
🙋happy person raising one hand1285871F64B
🙏person with folded hands1285911F64F
🤌pinched fingers (full symbol)1292921F90C
🤏pinching hand1292951F90F
🤙call me hand1293051F919
🤚raised back of hand1293061F91A
🤞hand with index and middle fingers crossed1293101F91E
🤟I love you hand sign1293111F91F
🤫face with finger covering closed lips (be quiet)1293231F92B
🤭smiling face with smiling eyes and hands covering mouth1293251F92D
🤲palms up together1293301F932
🫰hand with index finger and thumb crossed1297761FAF0
🫱rightwards hand1297771FAF1
🫲leftwards hand1297781FAF2
🫳palm down hand1297791FAF3
🫴palm up hand1297801FAF4
🫵index pointing at the viewer1297811FAF5
🫶heart hands1297821FAF6
🫷leftwards pushing hand1297831FAF7
🫸rightwards pushing hand1297841FAF8