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Unicode: French playing cards

Note that some of the symbols below may not appear because of a missing font on your system.

🂠back of playing card1271361F0A0
🂡ace of spades1271371F0A1
🂢two of spades1271381F0A2
🂣three of spades1271391F0A3
🂤four of spades1271401F0A4
🂥five of spades1271411F0A5
🂦six of spades1271421F0A6
🂧seven of spades1271431F0A7
🂨eight of spades1271441F0A8
🂩nine of spades1271451F0A9
🂪ten of spades1271461F0AA
🂫jack of spades1271471F0AB
🂬knight of spades1271481F0AC
🂭queen of spades1271491F0AD
🂮king of spades1271501F0AE
🂱ace of hearts1271531F0B1
🂲two of hearts1271541F0B2
🂳three of hearts1271551F0B3
🂴four of hearts1271561F0B4
🂵five of hearts1271571F0B5
🂶six of hearts1271581F0B6
🂷seven of hearts1271591F0B7
🂸eight of hearts1271601F0B8
🂹nine of hearts1271611F0B9
🂺ten of hearts1271621F0BA
🂻jack of hearts1271631F0BB
🂼knight of hearts1271641F0BC
🂽queen of hearts1271651F0BD
🂾king of hearts1271661F0BE
🂿red joker1271671F0BF
🃁ace of diamonds1271691F0C1
🃂two of diamonds1271701F0C2
🃃three of diamonds1271711F0C3
🃄four of diamonds1271721F0C4
🃅five of diamonds1271731F0C5
🃆six of diamonds1271741F0C6
🃇seven of diamonds1271751F0C7
🃈eight of diamonds1271761F0C8
🃉nine of diamonds1271771F0C9
🃊ten of diamonds1271781F0CA
🃋jack of diamonds1271791F0CB
🃌knight of diamonds1271801F0CC
🃍queen of diamonds1271811F0CD
🃎king of diamonds1271821F0CE
🃏Playing card black joker1271831F0CF
🃑ace of clubs1271851F0D1
🃒two of clubs1271861F0D2
🃓three of clubs1271871F0D3
🃔four of clubs1271881F0D4
🃕five of clubs1271891F0D5
🃖six of clubs1271901F0D6
🃗seven of clubs1271911F0D7
🃘eight of clubs1271921F0D8
🃙nine of clubs1271931F0D9
🃚ten of clubs1271941F0DA
🃛jack of clubs1271951F0DB
🃜knight of clubs1271961F0DC
🃝queen of clubs1271971F0DD
🃞king of clubs1271981F0DE
🃟white joker1271991F0DF
🃠playing card fool1272001F0E0
🃡playing card trump 11272011F0E1
🃢playing card trump 21272021F0E2
🃣playing card trump 31272031F0E3
🃤playing card trump 41272041F0E4
🃥playing card trump 51272051F0E5