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Unicode: Fractions

Note that some of the symbols below may not appear because of a missing font on your system.

¼fraction one quarter18800BC
½fraction one half18900BD
¾fraction three quarters19000BE
fraction slash82602044
fraction one seventh85282150
fraction one ninth85292151
fraction one tenth85302152
fraction one third85312153
fraction two thirds85322154
fraction one fifth85332155
fraction two fifths85342156
fraction three fifths85352157
fraction four fifths85362158
fraction one sixth85372159
fraction five sixths8538215A
fraction one eights8539215B
fraction three eights8540215C
fraction five eights8541215D
fraction seven eights8542215E
fraction numerator one8543215F
fraction zero thirds85852189

Other fractions in Unicode

To write fractions in Unicode, you can also use the fraction slash (U+2044), which is 8260 in decimal. So, in order to write mn in html, you just type either <sup>m</sup>&#x2044;<sub>n</sub> (hexadecimal code) or <sup>m</sup>&#8260;<sub>n</sub> (decimal code).