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Unicode emoticons

Note that some of the symbols below may not appear because of a missing font on your system.

white frowning face97852639
white smiling face9786263A
black smiling face9787263B
👶baby face1281181F476
👼baby angel1281241F47C
😀grinning face1285121F600
😁grinning face with smiling eyes1285131F601
😂face with tears of joy1285141F602
😃smiling face with open mouth1285151F603
😄smiling face with open mouth and similing eyes1285161F604
😅smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat1285171F605
😆smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes1285181F606
😇smiling face with halo1285191F607
😈smiling face with horns1285201F608
😉winking face1285211F609
😊smiling face with smiling eyes1285221F60A
😋face savouring delicious food (tasty)1285231F60B
😌relieved face1285241F60C
😍smiling face with heart-shaped eyes1285251F60D
😎smiling face with sunglasses1285261F60E
😏smirking face1285271F60F
😐neutral face1285281F610
😑expressionless face1285291F611
😒unamused face1285301F612
😓face with cold sweat1285311F613
😔pensive face1285321F614
😕confused face1285331F615
😖confounded face1285341F616
😗kissing face1285351F617
😘face throwing a kiss1285361F618
😙kissing face with smiling eyes1285371F619
😚kissing face with closed eyes1285381F61A
😛face with stuck-out tongue1285391F61B
😜face with stuck-out tongue and winking eye1285401F61C
😝face with stuck-out tongue and tightly-closed eyes1285411F61D
😞disappointed face1285421F61E
😟worried face1285431F61F
😠angry face1285441F620
😡pouting face1285451F621
😢crying face1285461F622
😣persevering face1285471F623
😤face with look of triumph1285481F624
😥disappointed but relieved face1285491F625
😦frowning face with open mouth1285501F626
😧anguished face1285511F627
😨fearful face1285521F628
😩weary face1285531F629
😪sleepy face1285541F62A
😫tired face1285551F62B
😬grimacing face1285561F62C
😭loudly crying face1285571F62D
😮face with open mouth1285581F62E
😯hushed face1285591F62F
😰face with open mouth and cold sweat1285601F630
😱face screaming in fear1285611F631
😲astonished face1285621F632
😳flushed face1285631F633
😴sleeping face1285641F634
😵dizzy face1285651F635
😶face without mouth1285661F636
😷face with medical mask1285671F637
😸grinning cat face with smiling eyes1285681F638
😹cat face with tears of joy1285691F639
😺smiling cat face with open mouth1285701F63A
😻smiling cat face with heart-shaped eyes1285711F63B
😼cat face with wry smile1285721F63C
😽kissing cat face with closed eyes1285731F63D
😾pouting cat face1285741F63E
😿crying cat face1285751F63F
🙀weary cat face1285761F640
🙁slightly frowning face1285771F641
🙂slightly smiling face1285781F642
🙃upside-down face1285791F643
🙄face with rolling eyes1285801F644
🙅face with no good gesture1285811F645
🙆face with ok gesture1285821F646
🙇person bowing deeply1285831F647
🙈see-no-evil monkey1285841F648
🙉hear-no-evil monkey1285851F649
🙊speak-no-evil monkey1285861F64A
🙋happy person raising one hand1285871F64B
🙌person raising both hands in celebration1285881F64C
🙍person frowning1285891F64D
🙎person with pouting face1285901F64E
🙏person with folded hands1285911F64F
🤐zipper-mouth face1292961F910
🤑money-mouth face1292971F911
🤒face with thermometre1292981F912
🤓nerd face1292991F913
🤔thinking face1293001F914
🤕face with head-bandage1293011F915
🤖robot face1293021F916
🤗hugging face1293031F917
🤘sign of the horns1293041F918
🤛left-facing fist1293071F91B
🤜right-facing fist1293081F91C
🤠face with cowboy hat1293121F920
🤡clown face1293131F921
🤢nauseated face1293141F922
🤣rolling on the floor laughing1293151F923
🤤drooling face1293161F924
🤥lying face1293171F925
🤦frustration, disbelief1293181F926
🤨face with one eyebrow raised1293201F928
🤩grinning face with star eyes1293211F929
🤪grinning face with one large and one small eye1293221F92A
🤫face with finger covering closed lips (be quiet)1293231F92B
🤬serious face with symbols covering mouth1293241F92C
🤭smiling face with smiling eyes and hands covering mouth1293251F92D
🤮face with open mouth vomiting1293261F92E
🤯shocked face with exploding head1293271F92F
🥰smiling face with smiling eyes and three hearts1293921F970
🥱yawning face1293931F971
🥲smiling face with tear1293941F972
🥳face with party horn and party hat1293951F973
🥴face with uneven eyes and wavy mouth1293961F974
🥵overheated face1293971F975
🥶freezing face1293981F976
🥸disguised face1294001F978
🥹face holding back tears1294011F979
🥺face with pleading eyes (being sad, guilty, doubtful, ...)1294021F97A
🦰emoji component red hair1294561F9B0
🦱emoji component curly hair1294571F9B1
🦲emoji component bald1294581F9B2
🦳emoji component with hair1294591F9B3
🧐face with monocle1294881F9D0
🫠melting face1297601FAE0
🫡saluting face1297611FAE1
🫢face with open eyes and hand over mouth1297621FAE2
🫣face with peeking eye1297631FAE3
🫤face with diagonal mouth1297641FAE4
🫥dotted line face1297651FAE5
🫦biting lip1297661FAE6
🫨shaking face1297681FAE8