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Unicode: Documents

Note that some of the symbols below may not appear because of a missing font on your system.

📃page with curl1281951F4C3
📄page facing up1281961F4C4
🖹document with text1284411F5B9
🖺document with text and picture1284421F5BA
🖻document with picture1284431F5BB
🖿black folder1284471F5BF
🗁open folder1284491F5C1
🗂card index dividers1284501F5C2
🗃card file box1284511F5C3
🗄file cabinet1284521F5C4
🗅empty note1284531F5C5
🗆empty note page1284541F5C6
🗇empty note pad1284551F5C7
🗉note page1284571F5C9
🗊note pad1284581F5CA
🗋empty document1284591F5CB
🗌empty page1284601F5CC
🗍empty pages1284611F5CD
🗒spiral note pad1284661F5D2
🗓spiral calendar pads1284671F5D3
🗟page with circled text1284791F5DF