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Apart from these named html entities, you can also use the decimal or the hexadecimal code, the latter preceded with the letter 'x'. So, in order to write '‰' (per thousand) in html, you just type either ‰ (hexadecimal code) or ‰ (decimal code).

Note that if you declare your html page as utf-8 based you can enter any Unicode symbol directly as such. The necessary entry in the <head> section of the html page would be <meta charset="utf-8">.

HTML entities

html entitymeaningDec.Hex.
"&quot;quotation mark3422
(&lpar;left parenthesis4028
)&rpar;right parenthesis4129
<&lt;less than603C
>&gt;greater than623E
 &nbsp;no-break space160A0
¡&iexcl;inverted exclamation mark161A1
¦&brvbar;broken vertical bar166A6
§&sect;section sign167A7
¨&uml;diaeresis (spacing diaeresis)168A8
ª&ordf;feminine ordinal indicator170AA
«&laquo;double left-pointing angle quotation mark171AB
¬&not;not sign172AC
­&shy;soft or discretionary hyphen (only visible when breaking at the end of the line)173AD
¯&macr;macron, overline, overbar175AF
°&deg;degree symbol176B0
±&plusmn;plus or minus sign177B1
²&sup2;superscript two178B2
³&sup3;superscript three179B3
´&acute;acute accent180B4
µ&micro;micro sign (from greek letter mu)181B5
&para;paragraph sign182B6
·&middot;middle dot183B7
¸&cedil;cedilla (spacing cedilla)184B8
¹&sup1;superscript one185B9
º&ordm;masculine ordinal indicator186BA
»&raquo;double right-pointing angle quotation mark187BB
¼&frac14;fraction one quarter188BC
½&frac12;fraction one half189BD
¾&frac34;fraction three quarters190BE
¿&iquest;inverted question mark191BF
À&Agrave;Latin capital letter A with grave192C0
Á&Aacute;Latin capital letter A with acute193C1
Â&Acirc;Latin capital letter A with circumflex194C2
Ã&Atilde;Latin capital letter A with tilde195C3
Ä&Auml;Latin capital letter A with diaeresis196C4
Å&Aring;Latin capital letter A with ring above197C5
Æ&AElig;Latin capital letter AE198C6
Ç&Ccedil;Latin capital letter C with cedilla199C7
È&Egrave;Latin capital letter E with grave accent200C8
É&Eacute;Latin capital letter E with acute accent201C9
Ê&Ecirc;Latin capital letter E with circumflex202CA
Ë&Euml;Latin capital letter E with diaeresis203CB
Ì&Igrave;Latin capital letter i with grave accent204CC
Í&Iacute;Latin capital letter i with grave accent205CD
Î&Icirc;Latin capital letter i with circumflex206CE
Ï&Iuml;Latin capital letter i with diaeresis207CF
Ð&ETH;Latin capital letter Eth208D0
Ñ&Ntilde;Latin capital letter N with tilde209D1
Ò&Ograve;Latin capital letter O with grave accent210D2
Ó&Oacute;Latin capital letter O with acute accent211D3
Ô&Ocirc;Latin capital letter O with diaeresis212D4
Õ&Otilde;Latin capital letter O with tilde213D5
Ö&Ouml;Latin capital letter O with diaeresis214D6
×&times;multiplication sign215D7
Ø&Oslash;Latin capital letter O with stroke216D8
Ù&Ugrave;Latin capital letter U with grave accent217D9
Ú&Uacute;Latin capital letter U with acute accent218DA
Û&Ucirc;Latin capital letter U with circumflex219DB
Ü&Uuml;Latin capital letter U with diaeresis220DC
Ý&Yacute;Latin capital letter Y with acute accent221DD
Þ&THORN;Latin capital letter Thorn222DE
ß&szlig;Latin small letter sharp s (German Eszett)223DF
à&agrave;Latin small letter a with grave224E0
á&aacute;Latin small letter a with acute225E1
â&acirc;Latin small letter a with circumflex226E2
ã&atilde;Latin small letter a with tilde227E3
ä&auml;Latin small letter a with diaeresis228E4
å&aring;Latin small letter a with ring above229E5
æ&aelig;Latin small letter ae (ligature ae)230E6
ç&ccedil;Latin small letter c with cedilla231E7
è&egrave;Latin small letter e with grave accent232E8
é&eacute;Latin small letter e with acute accent233E9
ê&ecirc;Latin small letter e with circumflex234EA
ë&euml;Latin small letter e with diaeresis235EB
ì&igrave;Latin small letter i with grave accent236EC
í&iacute;Latin small letter i with acute accent237ED
î&icirc;Latin small letter i with circumflex238EE
ï&iuml;Latin small letter i with diaeresis239EF
ð&eth;Latin small letter eth240F0
ñ&ntilde;Latin small letter n with tilde241F1
ò&ograve;Latin small letter o with grave accent242F2
ó&oacute;Latin small letter o with acute accent243F3
ô&ocirc;Latin small letter o with circumflex244F4
õ&otilde;Latin small letter o with tilde245F5
ö&ouml;Latin small letter o with diaeresis246F6
÷&divide;divisiojn sign (obelus)247F7
ø&oslash;Latin small letter o with stroke248F8
ù&ugrave;Latin small letter u with grave accent249F9
ú&uacute;Latin small letter u with acute accent250FA
û&ucirc;Latin small letter u with circumflex251FB
ü&uuml;Latin small letter u with diaeresis252FC
ý&yacute;Latin small letter y with acute accent253FD
þ&thorn;Latin small letter thorn254FE
ÿ&yuml;Latin small letter y with diaeresis255FF
Œ&OElig;Latin capital ligature OE338152
œ&oelig;Latin small ligature oe339153
Š&Scaron;Latin capital letter S with caron352160
š&scaron;Latin small letter S with caron353161
Ÿ&Yuml;Latin capital letter Y with diaeresis376178
ƒ&fnof;Latin small letter f with hook (e.g. math: function)402192
ˆ&circ;modifier letter circumflex accent7102C6
˜&tilde;small tilde7322DC
Γ&Gamma;Greek capital letter Gamma915393
Δ&Delta;Greek capital letter Delta916394
Θ&Theta;Greek capital letter Theta920398
Λ&Lambda;Greek capital letter Lambda92339B
Ξ&Xi;Greek capital letter Xi92639E
Π&Pi;Greek capital letter Pi9283A0
Σ&Sigma;Greek capital letter Sigma9313A3
Φ&Phi;Greek capital letter Phi9343A6
Ψ&Psi;Greek capital letter Psi9363A8
Ω&Omega;Greek capital letter Omega9373A9
α&alpha;Greek small letter alpha9453B1
β&beta;Greek small letter beta9463B2
γ&gamma;Greek small letter gamma9473B3
δ&delta;Greek small letter delta9483B4
ε&epsilon;Greek small letter epsilon9493B5
ζ&zeta;Greek small letter zeta9503B6
η&eta;Greek small letter eta9513B7
θ&theta;Greek small letter theta9523B8
ι&iota;Greek small letter iota9533B9
κ&kappa;Greek small letter kappa9543BA
λ&lambda;Greek small letter lambda9553BB
μ&mu;Greek small letter mu9563BC
ν&nu;Greek small letter nu9573BD
ξ&xi;Greek small letter xi9583BE
ο&omicron;Greek small letter omicron9593BF
π&pi;Greek small letter pi9603C0
ρ&rho;Greek small letter rho9613C1
ς&sigmaf;Greek small letter final sigma9623C2
σ&sigma;Greek small letter sigma9633C3
τ&tau;Greek small letter tau9643C4
υ&upsilon;Greek small letter upsilon9653C5
φ&phi;Greek small letter phi9663C6
χ&chi;Greek small letter chi9673C7
ψ&psi;Greek small letter psi9683C8
ω&omega;Greek small letter omega9693C9
ϑ&thetasym;Greek small letter theta9773D1
ϒ&upsih;Greek Upsilon with hook9783D2
ϖ&piv;Greek pi symbol9823D6
&ndash;en dash82112013
&mdash;em dash82122014
&lsquo;left single quotation mark82162018
&rsquo;right single quotation mark82172019
&sbquo;single low-9 quotation mark8218201A
&ldquo;left double quotation mark8220201C
&rdquo;right double quoation mark8221201D
&bdquo;double low-9 quotation mark8222201E
&dagger;dagger, obelisk82242020
&Dagger;double dagger, double obelisk82252021
&hellip;horizontal ellipsis (trhee dot leader)82302026
&permil;per mille sign82402030
&Prime;double prime82432033
&lsaquo;single left-pointing angle quotation mark82492039
&rsaquo;single right-pointing angle quotation mark8250203A
&oline;oline (spacing overscore)8254203E
&frasl;fraction slash82602044
&image;black-letter capital i (imaginary part)84652111
&weierp;script capital P (power set, Weierstrass p)84722118
&real;black-letter capital R (real part symbol)8476211C
&alefsym;alef symbol85012135
&larr;leftwards arrow85922190
&uarr;up arrow85932191
&rarr;rightwards arrow85942192
&darr;downwards arrow85952193
&harr;left right arrow85962194
&nwarr;North West arrow85982196
&nearr;North East arrow85992197
&searr;South East arrow86002198
&swarr;South West arrow86012199
&crarr;downwards arrow with corner leftwards (carriage return)862921B5
&lArr;leftwards double arrow865621D0
&uArr;upwards double arrow865721D1
&rArr;rightwards double arrow865821D2
&dArr;downwards double arrow865921D3
&hArr;left right double arrow866021D4
&forall;for all87042200
&part;partial differential87062202
&exist;there exists87072203
&nexist;there does not exist87082204
&empty;empty set87092205
&isin;element of87122208
&notin;not an element of87132209
&ni;contains as member8715220B
&prod;n-ary product8719220F
&sum;n-ary summation87212211
&minus;minus sign87222212
&lowast;asterisk operator87272217
&radic;square root8730221A
&prop;proportional to8733221D
&and;logical and (wedge)87432227
&or;logical or (vee)87442228
&cap;intersection (cap)87452229
&cup;union (cup)8746222A
&there4;therefore (maths)87562234
&sim;tilde operator (varies with, similar to)8764223C
&cong;congruent to87732245
&asymp;almost equal to (asymptotic to)87762248
&ne;not equal to88002260
&equiv;identical to, equivalent to88012261
&le;less than or equal to88042264
&ge;greater than or equal to88052265
&sub;subset of88342282
&sup;superset of88352283
&nsub;not a subset of88362284
&sube;subset of or equal to88382286
&supe;superset of or equal to88392287
&oplus;circled plus (direct sum)88532295
&otimes;circled times88552297
&perp;up tack (orthogonal to, perpendicular)886922A5
&sdot;dot operator890122C5
&lceil;left ceiling89682308
&rceil;right ceiling89692309
&lfloor;left floor8970230A
&rfloor;right floor8971230B
&lang;left-pointing angle bracket90012329
&rang;right-pointing angle bracket9002232A
&loz;lozenge (rhombus or diamond shape)967425CA
&spades;black spade suit98242660
&clubs;black club suit (shamrock)98272663
&hearts;black heart suit (valentine)98292665
&diams;black diamond suit98302666