Do not forget that this checklist is just an example. It needs to be adapted to your own needs. Nevertheless it will hopefully help you not to forget the essential

to be backed up

- Firefox Bookmarks
- Internet Explorer Favorites
- c:\users\{username}\My Documents (if any)
- c:\users\{username}\My Pictures (if any)
- c:\users\{username}\My Videos (if any)
- c:\users\{username}\My Music (if any)
- c:\users\{username}\Desktop (if any)
- d:\data (i.e. your data folder)
- certificate (for instance for secure communication with the authorities)
- ...

to be installed

Operating system and Updates

- Windows 7
- Windows 7 Service Pack 1
- Update KB3102810 (in case of problems with automatic Windows 7 updates)
=>[get update KB3102810 (32 bit) here:]
- Update KB947821 (in case of problems with automatic Windows 7 updates)
=>[get update KB947821 (32 bit) here:]
- Microsoft Net Framework 4.5.2 or newer (for instance needed by Kaspersky Antivirus)
- Internet Explorer 11
- Microsoft Camera Codec Pack (to view raw camera files on the PC)
=>[get MS Camera Codec Pack here:
- for the rest: automatic installation


- Adobe Flash Player (Plugin for the browser), if needed


- Symbola (Unicode)
- Dejavu (Unicode)

personal installations

- digital certificate


- sound
- scanner
- printer
- USB3
- camera
- ...


- An Antivirus applications (the good ones are generally not available for free)
- 7-Zip
- Acrobat Reader 11
- Ccleaner (to clean the file system)
- Crystal Disk Info (Autostart)
- Gimp (for image manipulation)
- Greenshot (for screenshots)
- Java Runtime (if needed)
- LibreOffice (free Office software)
- Mozilla Firefox
- pdf Creator (create pdf files)
- pdf split and merge [pdfsam] (split and merge pdf files)
- pdf-X-Viewer [pdf viewer, can add comments to pdf files]
- Skype
- VeraCrypt (to create encrypted file containers)
- Virtual CloneDrive (to mount iso files)
- VLC Media Player
- xmind (create mindmaps)



- your links
- put a link to the Blueseal dictionary on the desktop ;-)


- connect iso with 7zip
- connect zip with 7zip
- show recent documents
- connect media file types with VLC media player
- connect picture file types with Windows photo viewer