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Some articles about free and open source software

17 open source music composition, notation and learning software products

21 June 2016, M. Schulenburg


The article is giving an overview of 17 amazing open source software products for music writing, learning (solf├Ęge) and composition. There are products like Jalmus, Musescore, Canorus, Nootka, ScoreDate, LilyPond and many more.

25 amazing open source Java desktop applications

16 June 2016, M. Schulenburg

The article is giving an overview of 25 amazing JAVA desktop applications. I am sure that there are some that you do not know yet. It comprises awesome software like the music education software Jalmus, image editing software like Pixelitor, the SQuirreL SQL Client, an interactive environment for scientific computation called Datamelt, the Angry IP scanner, mind mapping software, a subtitle editor, UML editing tools, an application that computes the space consumption on hard drives including network shares, a QRCode generator, a Sudoku generator, a music notation tool for producing monophonic lead sheets, an interior design application that helps you to quickly draw the floor plan of your house and many more. All of them are open source and platform independent.