The Blueseal Contact Manager

Get your address management system - for free!

There are two versions of the Blueseal Contact Manager: Private and Enterprise edition. Both are free of charge. The Private version is optimised for private contacts whereas the Enterprise version is for use for typical companies, organizations and freelancers. Both versions are network enabled.

The BlueSeal Contact Manager Enterprise is the nerve centre of you company. Conprehensive functionality and the ability to administer a big data pool will make this software soon indispensible.

It supports business professionals and sector teams independently with:

  • central address management
  • individual customer care
  • selective direct marketing
  • customer acquisition by telephone

The BSCM always allows you to have the right information at the right time at the right place. Your address information can easily be transferred to other office products (MS Office, OpenOffice etc.). The integration in existing IT environments is simplified thereby.

Screenshot Enterprise English

Screenshot Enterprise German

Screenshot Private English

Screenshot Private German

Essential features (see also Screenshots)
  • Network Capability : BlueSeal Contact Manager is completely network-enabled (limitation of simultaneous users only through Access, see initial page. The restriction of simultaneous users through access is generally only theoretical.)
  • extensive search features
  • Contact Persons : unlimited number per company record (limitation see above)
  • Task Management : task-list per company record as well as company-independent, unlimited number (limitation, see above)
  • Links to documents: unlimited number per company record (limitation see above)
  • Data import from Outlook
  • Data export to several formats: Outlook, Access, Excel, text file etc. separated by comma
  • Contact Sheet: printable contact sheet containing the most relevant data for customer contact (see also Screenshots)
  • Extensive report features
  • Christmas cards
System requirements:
  • Any Windows version Windows Vista and above
  • Microsoft Access or Access runtime (version 2010 or higher, 32 bit version)
  • The Access runtime may be freely downloaded at Microsoft.

Download Blueseal Contact Manager Enterprise, English and German version. Version 2.1.04, File size: 1090 KB (Freeware) here.

Download Blueseal Contact Manager Private, English and German version. Version 2.1.05, File size: 616 KB (Freeware) here.

You will obtain the runtime version of MS Access 2010 here: MS Access 2010 Runtime (download directly from Microsoft)

We absolutely recommend to install the latest service pack of the runtime version as well: MS Access 2010 Runtime Service Pack 2 (download directly from Microsoft)

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Last modified Friday, 24th November 2017